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Hardwired’s team of full-time staff and professional volunteers are committed to our  mission to advance the human right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion or belief for all people worldwide.

At Hardwired we help leaders transform countries affected by religious intolerance and oppression around the world.

Tina Ramirez


Lena Abboud

Director of Programs

Victoria Tiggas

Outreach and Development Program Officer

Cecilia Blankenship

Cecilia Blankenship, M.S. comes to Hardwired as an administrator after 49 years in public and private education as a classroom teacher, assistant principal and principal. Her background is in science education but has worked with students from pre-school through high school. Her last position was as principal of a public charter school with an emphasis on the arts.

Mary Anne Ramirez, Ed.D.
Educational Advisor

Dr. Rea-Ramirez supports the development of curriculum, training teachers, and conducting evaluation research. She comes with a doctorate in Education from the University of Massachusetts, specializing in conceptual change research and theory. Dr. Rea-Ramirez has conducted both professional development and research for over 30 years and is well published, most recently with several articles on using conceptual change theory in social sciences. She is the co-author of five childrens’ books on Freedom of Conscience, Religion or Belief.

H. Victor Conde
Legal Advisor

Victor Condé is an international human rights lawyer and educator based in California and Europe. He holds a J.D. from UC Davis Law School and an LLM in International and Comparative Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from the Univ. of Essex, UK. He has served as a legal consultant to Hardwired since 2013 and participated in several training programs. He has also been a consultant to the O.S.C.E and to the Holy See (Vatican) at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. He is the author of many books and articles, most recently Human Rights and the United States.

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Every person deserves the right to live according to the dictates of their conscience –
it’s how we are hardwired!

Hardwired Global is a non-profit organization that works to make it possible for every person to experience this freedom by training leaders who can help them attain it – in the schools, in the courts, in the media, in their place of worship, in the government, and throughout society.

Hardwired Global has no religious or political affiliation and works to defend the fundamental principle of freedom of thought, conscience, religion or belief as defined in Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights for all people without distinction.

Making Great Advances in
Building Safer Communities for People of All Beliefs.

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