Professional Development Course for U.S.-based Educators

Location: On-line, 8-10 week course
Professional Development Credit: May be available in your state
Apply by December 31, 2022

Professional Development Course for U.S.-based Educators


Hardwired is launching an innovative new on-line Teacher-Training course for teachers across the United States as part of a new initiative called The Peaceful Garden Project. Through this Project, we will train a select group of professional educators in our unique pedagogy and resources to address the challenges your students are facing and help build a culture of respect and pluralism in your classroom.  We would like to invite you to participate in our pilot Teacher-Training course that will launch the Peaceful Garden Project in classrooms across the U.S.  



The Project was inspired by our work with teachers in countries experiencing significant conflict, where children were often the most vulnerable to ideas of intolerance and division.  Recognizing the need to help children overcome their fears and mistrust of one another to break generational cycles of conflict, Hardwired set out to provide teachers rigorous training in Conceptual Change Theory through a human rights-based approach to education.  Our experience in some of the hardest places in the world has shown what is possible when teachers incorporate lessons that help students develop a conceptual change about how they see and value others.  These lessons on pluralism and human rights are groundbreaking and can equip teachers anywhere to overcome challenges to diversity and inclusion. 

As you know, students are facing enormous pressure to conform to social and cultural influences.  Bullying is rampant, while social exclusion and mental health are growing challenges.  At the same time, youth are often ill-equipped to challenge the ideas of intolerance surrounding them.  We can help.   

Since 2013, we have trained hundreds of educators from more than 30 different countries to promote peace and pluralism for people of all backgrounds and beliefs.  Hardwired’s Teacher-Training Program has led to positive changes in the culture of the classroom in some of the most challenging places in the world, like Iraq, Nigeria, and Sudan where conflict is severe.  Through our program, children develop a deeper understanding of their rights, greater empathy toward others, become better equipped to engage with people who are different, dialogue with one another and mitigate conflict.   

Additionally, our work with refugee and newcomer students in the U.S. has broken down barriers and supported their understanding of the fundamental rights and freedoms they share with their American peers.  Our rights-based approach provides real, long-lasting solutions to the challenges facing communities that are divided by differences. 

Your role as a teacher in helping students think critically and learn how to use their voices to speak up – both for themselves and for the rights of others – is so important.  And when children are taught to value the dignity and freedom of others, especially those with whom they are different or disagree, the culture of the classroom begins to change, and the students are able to influence the social and cultural environment surrounding them as well.   

Teachers are in a powerful position to influence the next generation of leaders towards greater respect for one another.  We want to help you navigate challenges to pluralism and leave a powerful legacy with every student you touch.  I hope you’ll join us for this amazing opportunity to discover how you can transform the culture of your classroom, your school, and your community and even help change the world. 

Professional Development Opportunity 

Through the Peaceful Garden Project, we will pilot our Teacher-Training program with a select group of educators across the U.S. and develop a network of leading human rights educators who can help Hardwired support additional training in schools and communities across the country.   This training will consist of the following phases: 

Phase 1: With 20 teachers across the United States, Hardwired will conduct a six–week online training course, during which participants will develop an understanding of the conceptual change theory as it relates to teaching human rights in the classroom.   

Phase 2: Through the training, teachers will develop lessons and activities to incorporate conceptual change theory and human rights into their curriculum and pilot in their classrooms. 

Phase 3: Teachers will learn to evaluate conceptual change and the progress towards pluralism among their students. 

Teachers who successfully complete the online training, implementation of activities, and evaluation in their classrooms will be awarded a generous stipend and join a growing network of leading educators who can participate in Hardwired’s programs across the U.S. and globally.  

Prerequisites and Post-Training Requirements for Participation 


Hardwired is seeking teachers who are willing to go beyond their regular classroom responsibilities and learn new teaching methodologies that can address current challenges in the classroom.  These teachers will be interested in creating a classroom culture where students reflect a deep respect for people of different religious and cultural backgrounds and are actively engaging in vibrant dialogue with people who hold differing ideas and opinions. Ideal candidates are eager to find new and alternative methods for promoting human rights and pluralism in their lesson plans and existing curriculum.  They also have a desire to be involved in an innovative approach to education that will provide a model for teachers nationwide.  Other prerequisites and requirements include: 

  • Certified teacher with a current classroom 
  • 5th-9th grade teachers preferred 
  • Will implement simulation and other activities in their classroom 
  • Will conduct surveys with students, document student responses, and participate in the evaluation of the program on students 
  • Will create and share a presentation on the impact of the training and curriculum in your classrooms with your administration and school district 
  • Will participate in promotional interviews, photos and videos 

If you are interested in participating in our program, please contact us at or submit your application form online at  


Applications will be accepted until midnight, December 31st 2022. 

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