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Our Children’s Books Are The Key To Teaching About Dignity And Respect For All People


Since 2013, Hardwired has had the privilege of working with teachers and children around the world.  Through our educational programs, we have inspired teachers to create their own lessons that promote respect for the inherent rights and freedom of all people.  Today, teachers worldwide, from the U.S. to Iraq are using Hardwired’s unique teaching strategies to bring greater dignity, peace, and freedom to their communities.

We have turned some of their lessons into stories for a series of children’s books to share with children everywhere.  These books are an excellent resource for anyone who wants to teach children to value the dignity and rights of others.  They each use a different analogy to help children discover the importance of human dignity, the freedom of conscience and expression, and the importance of pluralism for people to live together in peace.

Every book you purchase will put one into the hands of a child who needs to hear for the first time that they are hardwired for freedom.

“In 2013, I was introduced to the work of Tina Ramirez, founder and president of the education nonprofit Hardwired Global. I have had the privilege of experiencing profound and lasting results from this great work. Tina and her team have seen hatreds, that have spanned centuries and generations, be replaced by tolerance and understanding through education.

It’s a great honor to prayerfully support the extraordinary work of Hardwired. These peaceful warriors work powerfully to advance dignity and freedom in the face of religious oppression, which, as the world sees, is escalating every day.
-Kathy Ireland


$20.00 USD

When different fruit tribes come under attack in their homeland, they seek freedom on the island of Fruitopia. Through beautiful illustrations and an imaginary land, you’ll discover how these courageous fruit groups learn to respect one another’s freedom and live together in peace, despite their differences.

Watch the Birds

$20.00 USD

When a new business comes to town, a fishmonger looks to the birds to help his wife overcome her anxiety about the changes that may come with their new neighbor. Through beautiful illustrations and three distinct birds, you’ll discover how this fishmonger’s wife learns about the unique freedom inside of her that can never be taken away.

The Peaceful Garden

$20.00 USD

When villagers take flowers from a beautiful meadow, leaving only one color behind, they destroy its beauty. Through beautiful illustrations and a young man’s journey to restore the meadow, the villagers discover the joy that is possible when they come together to plant the seeds of freedom for one another.

A Common Goal

$20.00 USD

When a young boy’s hopes of becoming a famous soccer player appear crushed, he makes a friend who shows him how to bring people in his community together to accomplish a goal that they could not have achieved on their own. Through beautiful illustrations and a spirited soccer enthusiast, you’ll discover what is possible when freedom is our goal.

Ribbon Rainbows

$20.00 USD

When a young girl ventures out along the walls surrounding her community from others in the village, she discovers a whole world that she never knew existed.  Along the top of the wall, she can peer into each community and discovers how the children in each one play with a different color of toys.  And in each community, the shops, streets, and homes also reflect the same color.  With the help of her wise grandmother, she tries to learn more about the different communities and uncover the mystery of what separated them from each other.

Fruitopia Toolkit


Hardwired has made the simulation used in its training program available for teachers to purchase.  Contact cecilia@hardwiredglobal.org to learn more.

Coming Soon! Winter 2022

Book Reviews

What a great way to showcase ideas of equity, respect, dignity, self awareness, and emotional intelligence to children. The illustrations are wonderful, engaging, and pair perfectly with the storyline. The exercises at the back of the book give additional options for continued exploration of the ideas presented in the book. My little one and I definitely recommend.

Seyi Tuyo

Hardwired Global’s children’s books truly teach children to understand and embrace the values of diversity and respect for the human dignity of all people. Their use of fun analogies uniquely positions these books to teach children these values in a way they can understand. I’m honored to share these books with family, friends and educators. I hope everyone takes advantage of this essential tool that our country so desperately needs right now.

Kenneth LeFevre

You can also donate to provide books for children to learn about their human rights so they have the freedom to think, worship, and live according to their conscience.

When you buy a book or donate, you help us put these values into the hands and hearts of children and communities who can advance them.

You Can Create a Culture of Freedom and Help Change the World

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