Book Reviews

We love Hardwire’s work and used the books you developed and sent as an example of cultural outreach for everyone attending our annual DFW Summit on Human Dignity and Religious Freedom. Your works were displayed on a table in the entry hall and those in attendance (representing all different faith traditions) had a chance to see what real inclusivity looks like!  Thank you.

Bill Benac, President DFW Alliance for Religious Freedom

Hardwired Global continues to perform incredible work throughout the world. The team there makes a huge difference in helping people understand the freedom of conscience is vitally important in each one’s life.

Rich Salon

If every child could read the books that are produced by this outstanding supporter of freedom this world would be a much better place.

Charles Eusey

Fruitopia does a good job of substituting fruit, something every kid is very familiar with, for people. After enjoying the story children should be able to make the connection that if they can enjoy the many different colors, shapes and sizes of fruit they should be able to appreciate the differences in people.

They should also recognize how small misunderstandings, rumors, and fears can lead to problems. I think it is a great concept to use this approach to discuss a real-world challenge that they may not be able to fully understand.

Willis Mccloud

Very needed book for all to read! We are in need of such books to speak truth in love to all.  Thank you for writing it and sharing it with the world!

Pasquale Russo