When bullies attacked, children in Jordan fought back with a campaign that said… “We are Different But Equal”

by | Apr 22, 2020 | Stories of Impact

A teacher in Jordan is teaching children how to stand against bullying and fight for the equal rights and freedoms of all people.
When students started bullying refugees in her school, Aya taught her class how to fight back.

The people of Jordan are no strangers to refugees.  But with a new wave of refugees from Iraq and Syria in recent years, old challenges are emerging again.

Students are being bullied for who they are, where they come from and what they believe.  And unless children are taught how to value and respect one another, the bullying will continue to grow worse, creating divisions throughout the country.   

Aya needed the tools to help her students fight back but she didn’t know where to get them.  That’s where Hardwired comes in.  

We worked with Aya to create lessons that would help her students understand how people who are different may feel when they are being bullied.  And how to teach them to value the dignity and rights of others especially people who are different from them.

Aya used a puzzle to teach her students how to work together.  A simple analogy became the launchpad for a discussion about the rights of others and the importance of working together.  

Her message was simple: we are different but equal.  And it helped the students learn how to work together to challenge bullying.

Students created a poster campaign to help other children in their school learn to respect others.  Other teachers saw the impact it was having and they joined her. And the message behind the student’s campaign began to have a ripple effect across the school.

As Aya shared, “This kind of education is very important in Jordan because its going to lead to accepting the other.”

“We can help them become global citizens.”

And because of Aya’s leadership, students are connecting with one another across their campus in a movement to stand against bullying. Instead of bullying and divisions, the children are coming together to build peace and unity among all Jordanians.

When you donate to Hardwired, you are putting a teacher – a Defender of Freedom – into this situation to help children fight against the intolerance that fuels bullying.   

Thank you for making it possible for children to live without fear, side by side with their neighbors.  You’re giving schools, families and communities hope in a brighter tomorrow where peace will prevail.
And you’re helping us do this one child, one teacher, one school, and one community at a time.