After years of civil war, Lebanon’s children are saying “Enough is Enough”

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Stories of Impact

Reina had enough.
She saw all around her how Lebanon had been torn apart by differences over religion.  But in her heart, she knew there must be a better way.  When her teacher introduced her to the ideas of peace and pluralism, she realized conflict was not the only option.
Reina’s class was invited to do a play called Fruitopia.  The play taught them how to live together in peace, regardless of their religious or ethnic differences.
Shortly after the play, political protests broke out in the streets. 

Reina was prepared.
Along with her friends, they went to the streets with a campaign saying, “Enough is enough.”  They spoke out against the divisions and called for peace and national unity among all people.
Reina shared, “It’s important because while we’ve previously been through a civil war that took 15 years… that was built upon hatred and put us against each other because of our beliefs, because of our politics…the message [the play] gave us was that you don’t have to be that ignorant, as to hate another culture or religion or belief just because it opposes yours or just because it is different than yours.”

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