Mohanned, Sudan

by | Mar 23, 2020 | Stories of Impact

He gave his life for the freedom of others.

For over three decades, no one was safe under the dictator of Sudan – Omar al Bashir, a man responsible for genocide against his own people.  And his policies pulled together people of all faiths and ethnicities.

Mohanned was a lawyer in Sudan’s highest courts.  For years, he defended the victims of Bashir’s genocidal policies. 

That’s when we first met him. 

He took a case to defend a woman accused of blasphemy. He had seen hundreds of cases like hers every year. 

But her case was different – she was pregnant when she was sentenced to death.  It evoked an international outcry. 

The dictator of Sudan was confronted, for the first time, by a backlash from his own Islamic political party. Mohanned fought to defend her, knowing the risk to his own life – and he won

But his story does not end there. 

When Miriam left Sudan, Mohanned began to help Hardwired train other lawyers to fight for their freedom. The government threatened to take his home.  They harassed his family. 

But still he persisted. 

He took Miriam’s case all the way to the African Union. And today, he is helping Hardwired train lawyers in Nigeria who face similar challenges. 

They don’t know how to respond to blasphemy laws, but he does.  And he is helping them find freedom, dignity and justice…one case at a time. 

When you place a Defender of Freedom like Mohanned into a community plagued with violence and discrimination against people of faith, you help them bring justice and peace to people who do not have it. You make their communities safer for people of faith to live and worship.