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Tina Ramirez

Founder and President of Hardwired

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As the Founder and President of Hardwired, Tina Ramirez is unique in her field.  She brings to Hardwired 20 years of experience as a teacher, foreign policy expert,  and authority on international human rights law and religious freedom. 

Working for the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, she developed policy recommendations to protect persecuted communities in Sudan, Iraq, Turkey, Georgia, and Cuba.  While working for the U.S. Congress, she founded the bi-partisan International Religious Freedom Caucus.  Her intent and major accomplishment was re-directing U.S. policy so that religious freedom was prioritized when dealing with foreing governments.  Fifteen years in the field gave her the experience needed to develop and launch a simple, inexpensive training program that could be put in place quickly in any of the 30 countries where she had worked and maintained key relationships.

Tina authored Iraq: Hope in the Midst of Darkness (2017) and was a contributing author and editor of Human Rights in the United States: A Dictionary and Documents (2010 and 2017).  She received a certificate at the International Institute for Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, a M.A. in Education from Vanguard University, and a M.A. in Human Rights from the University of Essex in the U.K.

Tina has testified before the U.S. Congress and spoken before the United Nations and the African Union.  In 2012, she was awarded the Second Annual Ahmadiyya Muslim Humanitarian Award for her congressional work defending their community worldwide. She serves as Secretary of the UN NGO Committee on Freedom of Religion or Belief in New York, and is a former board member for the First Freedom Center in Richmond, VA.

A Message From The Founder

As a college student, I was shocked by the egregious level of attacks on people who simply believed differently than those around them.  The freedom to believe in something bigger than ourselves, to orient our lives around a greater purpose for life, is what brings life meaning.  It is also something we can easily take for granted because it is so intrinsic to our lives. However, eight out of ten people in the world live in countries where they are not free to live according to their faith and conscience. 

We see it in the news everyday. The situation in Iraq and Syria today is a perfect example of what happens in countries where people are attacked for their religious identity – they risk destablizing the entire world. When people are oppressed, society’s problems escalate – and no one can afford to ignore it.

Hardwired is making it possible for more people to experience freedom in the world. We do this by training teachers, journalists, lawyers, civil society advocates, and religious leaders about the freedom of conscience and how to build communities that respect this freedom for everyone.

Hardwired is also a place for you to help fight the injustice of religious oppression and intolerance – to be a part of something bigger: a movement that will bring freedom and dignity to people all over the world.

Will you join us today and invest in education and training to help us mitigate conflict before it erupts and ensure greater peace and stability in the world?

As a teacher, I saw how young people became empowered when they learned about their inherent dignity and human rights. As we train, educate, and engage a new generation around the world, we are making it possible for more people to live with the dignity they deserve.

Will you join me?


Tina Ramirez, Founder and President