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Social Science Education

Volume 16, Number 4, Winter 2017: Journal of Social Science Education – “Changing Attitudes, Changing Behaviors. Conceptual Change as a Model for Teaching Freedom of Religion or Belief” by Mary Anne Rea-Ramirez and Tina M. Ramirez

Trump Appointment

2018-5-29: President Trump Appoints Hardwired Board Member to U.S. Agency Monitoring Religious Freedom Globally

10-15-18 Press Release

Hardwired Congratulates Nadia Murad on 2018 Nobel Peace Award

Countering Extremism

Hardwired Global Founder and CEO, Tina Ramirez, releases a ground-breaking study on countering extremism among youth in Middle East and North Africa.

Orange County Register

2018-8-27: Fighting Violent Extremism by Teaching Tolerance by Doug Bandow

At the United Nations

8-2-2018: Hardwired Receives Consultative Status at the United Nations: Urges States to Adopt Rights-Based Education

Trump Appointment Raise Bar

2017-07-27: Press Release – Tina Ramirez: Trump’s Religious Freedom Appointment Raises The Bar For State Department

National Review

2017-05-12: Tina Ramirez: Trump Should Adopt an International Religious-Freedom Policy with Teeth

Easter Miracle

2017-04-16: The Hill – Tina Ramirez: Trump should deliver an Easter miracle for Iraqi Christian refugees

Washington Times

2017-04-03: Washington Times – Tina Ramirez: A Marshall Plan to defeat global terrorism

Washington, D.C.

2017-03-26: Reeducating young people on freedom of religion or belief after ISIS

Foreign Aid

2017-03-20: Real Clear World – Tina Ramirez: How we can do more with less foreign aid

Boston Herald

2017-03-16: Kathy Ireland: Melania Trump’s model past nothing to be a bully about; Restoring dignity to 1,500 sex slaves of ISIS

On Religious Intolerance

2017-03-13: Religious intolerance is spreading like a dangerous cancer throughout the Middle East

The Detroit News

2017-03-12:  Doug Bandow: Change hearts to fight religious persecution

Helping Refugees

2017-03-04: Forbes – Tina Ramirez: We can’t resettle millions of refugees, but President Trump can and should help them

Changing Minds - One at a Time

2017-03-03: Doug Bandow: Changing hearts & minds in the Middle East one at a time