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Hardwired has developed a unique training course complete with specially designed educational materials.

Today, hundreds of Hardwired leaders are transforming countries affected by intolerance around the world.

Our leaders work in diverse coalitions to defend victims of religious oppression,
and influence changes in laws and social attitudes toward the rights and freedoms of others.

Peaceful Garden

Watch the Birds

Two years ago, Hardwired honored friend and supporter Kathy Ireland with our first “Defender of Freedom” award.  And now we are honored to have her read one of our children’s books, Fruitopia.

Through our books, Hardwired has planted the seeds of peace and freedom in some of the most difficult soils.  And this year, we will be launching efforts to plant these seeds here in the U.S.  Hear from Kathy Ireland as she shares a special message that we will be using to reach younger generations across the country.  To inspire a culture of civility and respect for people of different beliefs.

The Peaceful Garden Project

The seeds of intolerance and violence are in full bloom. In Iraq and other parts of the Middle East, Hardwired has witnessed firsthand the effect of the seeds of extremist thinking, deeply rooted in religious hatred, on children and communities of every faith. At Hardwired, we believe the only way to break the cycle of intolerance and fear taking root in the hearts and minds of children around the world is to sow the seeds of peace and freedom.

We do this through the Peaceful Garden Project-an initiative of Hardwired to provide educational training and resources for teachers everywhere to help them build a culture of respect for the inherent dignity of children in their classrooms, particularly those of different religions and beliefs, that will make them resilient in the face of religious hatred and intolerance.

Through the Peaceful Garden Project we can sow different kinds of seeds-the seeds of love, respect, and peace-in the young minds of children who face religious intolerance and extremist thinking.

Hardwired has already trained dozens of teachers across the Middle East to share these lessons with their students. The children who have gone through the lessons are willing not only to become friends with others of different faiths, but also to defend their right to believe differently. A real change of heart and mind has begun with these children-a change that could lead their communities to greater peace, freedom, and dignity.

Throughout our training program, we’ve collaborated with teachers from around the world to transform teaching lessons into story books for children everywhere.

By purchasing any of these books, you are helping us plant more seeds of peace and freedom among children in the Middle East as well as in the life of a child in your community that will help them counter intolerance, bullying, and violence toward others.

Making Great Advances in
Building Safer Communities for People of All Beliefs.

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