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Hardwired has developed a simple, inexpensive training program that can be put in place quickly to help indigenous leaders throughout the world pursue greater dignity and freedom of others.

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We want more people to be free to live with the dignity and freedom they are hardwired for. By training leaders to defend the inherent dignity and the fundamental freedom of thought, conscience, religion or belief of all people, they can instigate systemic changes throughout society and overcome intolerance and violence in their communities. Hardwired leaders work in diverse coalitions to defend victims of religious intolerance and oppression, and influence changes in laws and social attitudes to help people of all beliefs learn how to live together in peace.

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We teach leaders in the fields of law, education, media, religion, and civil society about the human right to the freedom and dignity of all people.

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We train leaders to work in coalitions with people of different beliefs to advocate for the freedom and dignity of all people.

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We provide resources for leaders to share what they have learned with their communities and influence greater respect for the rights and dignity of others. This includes resources for teachers, legal advocates, religious leaders and others.

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